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Posted: 02 Mar, 2019


At V&H Café we are committed to supporting small, local, high end producers of all things to do with food and drink. We believe that eating locally, seasonally and diversely is good for business, our community, health, wellbeing and the planet.

Our philosophy is of no detriment to the quality of food we serve. On the contrary, we are a multi-award-winning breakfast café, well known in Sussex for our interesting, sophisticated and homely style of cooking as well as being a popular, regular breakfast and brunch spot for Brighton and Hoves highly acclaimed chefs.

It is our mission to serve the best that Sussex can offer and make it approachable and affordable to all, while educating on how and where to source this produce for the home cook and even other professionals. We stand head and shoulders above in our dedication to this philosophy. A map of who and where our suppliers are from is even painted directly onto one of our walls!

Seasonal specials change weekly while our brunch board remains consistent throughout the year (seasonal exceptions excluded).

Our Baristas are trained to the highest standard by Roasted coffee who have been suppling us with various fair-trade blends and equipment since our first day. Currently we offer a Fairtrade “Blue Mountain” which is rich, full flavoured and has notes of caramel, roasted almonds and fruits with subtly acidity.

Our milk is sourced by the local dairy, Northiam but a half dozen dairy alternatives are available too. Speciality organic teas are from Novus and we also serve seasonal fruit and root tea’s that are caffeine free and have huge health benefits.

There are also seasonal juices and smoothies all of which are made from 100% local organic ingredients.


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