About Us

Verity and Harry have well over thirty years combined experience in the catering and hospitality industry.

Verity has owned several successful pubs in Sussex, a restaurant and a boutique hotel acquiring an astute knowledge on how to run a thriving business along the way.

Harry grew up in rural West Berkshire and has forever had a connection with the land and small-scale agriculture, working on surrounding farms, hunting, foraging and being caught poaching by the local game or riverkeepers!

He transferred his passion for the land, rivers and sea to the industry at 16, foraging ingredients for his local fine dining pub, sourcing local, more ethical produce and also working for several bespoke catering companies before moving to Sussex.

It is in Sussex where Verity and Harry met. Harry worked at Veritys thriving country pub as the assistant manager and together they developed the plan to bring simple cooking with the finest ingredients and best producers to Brighton and Hove, through the most important, but possibly most neglected meal of the day. Breakfast.

V&H now work alongside a plethora of local, artisanal suppliers, producers, growers and farmers of all sizes from the hobbyists to world renowned. They also provide guidance to customers and other restauranteurs on where and how to source the most local, seasonal and sustainable produce there is to offer.